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Firehouse FAQs

Q: Do you service metal or tile roofs?

A: Yes! We specialize in all types of roofs - that includes metal roofs, ceramic tile roofs, and the most common style of roof, asphalt shingles.

Q: Does the Roofing Advisor really need to come inside my house for an inspection + estimate?

A: Yes. After we inspect your roof, we inspect your attic to ensure our findings are thorough and exact, so we are able to give the appropriate estimate. We only need to be inside to be directed to attic access, wherever in your home that may be.

Q: Who will be on the job site during my roofing installation?

A: A Firehouse Project Manager and your Firehouse Roofing Advisor will always be on site during your re-roof or roof repair.

Q: Are you insured?

A: Yes! We are a licensed and insured local roofing company, and are proud to provide safety continuing education to all our employees.

Q: Do you remove gutters when replacing a roof?

A: Gutter removal with a roof replacement is contingent on a couple factors and is unique to each roof replacement. Your Firehouse Project Coordinator will be in close communication with your job details to determine if your gutters will be removed.

Q: How long have you been in business?

We are Firefighter-founded in 1997 and are celebrating 26 years of business in the DFW area!

Q: How long will my project take?

A: A typical repair or a roof replacement is completed within a day! Average time from customer inquiry to job completion is approximately 2 weeks.

Q: How will you remove any materials that are torn off of my roof? Will you have a dumpster on the site?

A: Firehouse Roofing provides dump trailers to each job site and installs catch-all systems so no debris has a chance of damaging your property.

Q: How quickly can you react, and what will you do in the event of inclement weather?

A: Our Firehouse crews always have their eyes on the weather! We anticipate inclement weather and always reach out in advance to reschedule accordingly; in Texas this can be the day, a few days, or a week before expected weather changes.

Q: How will you protect my driveway and the rest of my property from damage?

A: In simple terms, Ventilation helps your home breathe properly. With poor ventilation, your attic could begin to grow mold. That’s why we recommend a roof inspection during every severe weather season to ensure your ventilation is working properly. Ventilation and Insulation work together to ensure your roof and attic have the proper airflow and protection from the outdoor elements.

Q: How does attic insulation work? How does it benefit a home?

A: In simple terms, attic insulation keeps your home warm when it is cold outside and your home cool when it is warm outside. Without proper attic insulation, you may find it difficult to heat or cool your home - making it uncomfortable to live. Insulation and Ventilation work together to ensure your roof and attic have the proper airflow and protection from the outdoor elements.

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