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Are Clogged Gutters Really That Big A Deal? When you have clogged gutters, your home has no way of draining water after a heavy rain. This is especially taxing to your home if you live in DFW! Below are 3 big reasons you want to get this fixed ASAP.

(1) Your Roof Will Begin To Leak

Watching your roof leak is the telltale sign that you need to clear out the gutters. This will prevent more water from collecting on top of your roof and causing further damage, including ceilings leaking or being ruined by mold growth.

(2) Mold And Water Damage Will Accumulate

Mold can be a terrifying issue when it’s breeding inside of our walls and ceilings. You know that you have an escalating mold problem if the spores are beginning to appear on your roof, in your attic, or throughout parts of home itself.

(3) The Foundation Will Be Compromised

When you have a bad foundation, your entire property value takes an enormous hit as well. You significantly reduce the ability to sell a home with a damaged foundation, which also requires significant and costly repairs.

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