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What Our Roof Revamp Covers.

From point A to point Z, Firehouse covers every square inch of your roof removing debris and unclogging gutters! That’s why we call our inspection a Roof Revamp because it’s more than just a “check” it actually improves the condition of your roof!

At Firehouse Roofing we remove objects like leaves, trash, & debris from clogging up your roof to ensure proper drainage. When it comes to your roof, out of sight often implies out of mind, which can lead to serious long-term consequences. Call Firehouse Roofing today and we’ll have your roof in tip-top shape.

That’s right, we’ll even unclog your gutters. We recommend this multiple times per year to keep up with leafs & squirrels.

Call Firehouse Roofing today and will send a drug tested, background checked and trained roofing adviser to perform a 28 point roofing inspection. Our roof advisor will outline and video all necessary repairs so you see what we see.

That’s right, at Firehouse Roofing we take the time to properly vet your roof vents. Without proper air circulation, your attic will start developing moisture and this can lead to mold. Let’s avoid this and make sure your home’s attic is venting properly.

More than 90% of homes in the US are under insulated. Which means there is a good chance you're shortening the life expectancy of your roof and paying way too much to your energy provider. At Firehouse, we will measure your attic insulation as a part of our roof revamp service.

At Firehouse Roofing we believe your roof needs to be fully inspected to avoid unnecessary replacement. However, some roofs can't be repaired and because of this we offer free replacement estimates.

3 Major Reason You Need Your Roof Inspected Annually.

(1) Leaks

Think about this: If your roof starts leaking, often times the water builds up in your attic for long periods of time before ever making its way into your home. Unfortunately, water leaks in the attic can result in extensive and expensive property damage. From soggy insulation to mold growth, water damage in an attic often leads to structural integrity issues and can pose a health risk to anyone living in your house

(2) Storm Damage

After a recent bout of high winds, hail and rain storms, we recommend scheduling a roof inspection as soon as possible in order to prevent further costly damage from occurring. 

(3) Drainage and Ventilation

When it comes to roof performance, few features are as significant as water drainage. Regular roof cleaning can help remove objects like leaves, trash, and debris. Scheduling your annual roof inspections is the best way you can keep your roof dry and unclogged increasing your roofs life expectancy and avoiding serious problems down the road.

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