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Does your residential roofing system require a new roofing system, or does it just need a little repair? At Firehouse Roofing, we are your number one roofing contractor for shingle installation, repair, and maintenance in Rockwall and Dallas, TX. There are many different ways to go when thinking about installing or repairing your roofing system, especially when it comes to shingles. The most popular used shingle system is composition shingles which is the most cost-efficient and durable service available. Whether your roofing system requires installation, repair or maintenance, Firehouse Roofing is your best option for shingle services in Rockwall and Dallas, TX, so give us a call today at 972-737-1451, and we’ll provide you with a free estimate.


Our professional roofers are committed to providing all of our clients with high quality and durable services that last several years. When it comes to composition shingles, there are many different ways to implement them to your roofing system, and we’ll help you create your vision of a perfect roofing system.Here are the three commonly used composition shingle systems:

  • 3-Tab Composition Shingles: Known as the least expensive composition system, the 3-tab shingle appears as a single flat layer with a pattern of tabs created by vertical slots in the tabs that illustrate the 3-tab pattern.
  • Laminate: This certain system is an upgrade of the 3-tab system and is the most commonly used for residential owners. Laminate shingles are layered with a second tab which doubles the material and has the durability to last several years longer than 3-tab shingles.
  • Premium: Referred as the Grand Sequoya, Presidential or Gran Canyon, the premium composition system is used for more of an elegant purpose and is a heavier laminate type. It’s important to have a professional roofer inspect your roof prior to installing this certain system because of how heavy the materials are.

For a long-lasting roofing system, it’s vital to have your shingle roof maintained or examined at least once a year for any damages or deterioration, so the problem doesn’t spread and become more costly. At Firehouse Roofing, we offer a free inspection to our clients for once a year to provide them with a detailed report on the status of your roof.

At Firehouse Roofing, we are your number one choice for shingle installation, repair, and maintenance in Rockwall and Dallas, TX. Call our professionals at 972-737-1451 to get started today.

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