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What's Included In Your Free Inspection

Roof inspections are incredibly important to the safety of your roof and no one does them like Firehouse Roofing. If you’re needing your roof inspected for damage, potential leaks or if you’re interested in a replacement quote, the inspection is a great choice.

Note: A roof inspection does not cover debris removal or unclogging gutters. If you’re needing these services the roof revamp is the best option. Regardless, give us a call and we’ll make sure everything you need is taken care of! Remember the “Proofs In The Roof”!

Call Firehouse Roofing today and will send a drug tested, background checked and trained roofing adviser to perform a 28 point roofing inspection. Our roof advisor will outline and video all necessary repairs so you see what we see.

That’s right, at Firehouse Roofing we take the time to properly vet your roof vents. Without proper air circulation, your attic will start developing moisture and this can lead to mold. Let’s avoid this and make sure your home’s attic is venting properly.

Firehouse will work with your insurance company on storm or any other damage covered by your home owners insurance! Helping you save money and giving you the peace of mind you deserve! Firehouse also makes easy & flexible payment options for deductibles.

At Firehouse Roofing we believe your roof needs to be fully inspected to avoid unnecessary replacement. However, some roofs can't be repaired and because of this we offer free replacement estimates. 

Allens Most Trusted Roofer

Firehouse Roofing | Allen, Tx

If you’ve noticed some major problems with your roof lately such as leaks or missing shingles and you live in Allen, Tx, give Firehouse Roofing a call before 10am and we can typically show up same day!

If you need a new roof and you’re looking for a roofing professional who cares enough about your landscape and windows to put up protective catch-alls, Firehouse Roofing is the right choice for Allen residents! Schedule your “Roof Revamp” today so that Firehouse can provide an accurate assessment of your roof and determine what kind of repairs you need.

With over 30 years experience in Allen, Firehouse knows your roof type best! 

No Other Roofer Compares! Here's 4 Big Reasons Why.

(1) It's The Insurance Who Pays.

You don’t have to stress about getting your roof fixed. We work with all insurance companies to make sure they pay for all the necessary repairs.

(2) For your safety — We send a licensed, background checked and drug tested Firehouse Roofing expert to your home.

We always ensure our clients are safe by sending an approved Firehouse Roofing adviser from the company straight to their doorstep. This means you don’t have to worry about subcontractors who may not have been vetted thoroughly beforehand or contracted outside of state law for roof work.

(3) We’ll do a full video inspection of your roof. That means you see what we see. No tricks or up-selling!

To help you get a clear idea of your roof, we’ll provide an on-roof video inspection. Not only will this give you peace of mind and clarity on what needs to be done with the repairs but it’ll also allow us to do so without any upselling or hidden tricks!

(4) A portion of your purchase goes towards our personal mission and cause “Our Roofs Save Lives”

Fixing roofs is how we serve our customers! Supporting Firemen is how we help our community. Because at Firehouse Roofing we believe that being the best doesn’t stop at roofing — It also means supporting your community.

Mark Latham & Family | Owners of Firehouse Roofing

Mark Latham Family | Owner of Firehouse Roofing

Mark Latham and his father founded Firehouse Roofing in 1997. Firehouse opened in Mark’s hometown Rockwall, TX and continues to serve all of DFW. With local, community roots dating back over 30 years, Mark and the Firehouse Roofing team know the importance of community.

Mark, served as a firemen for over 15 years while operating Firehouse Roofing. Now, Mark’s singular focus outside of his duty as a husband & father is owning and operating Firehouse Roofing. Mark wanted to find the most impactful way to continue to serve his community and his brotherhood of Firemen — this desire gave birth to the initiative “Our Roofs Save Lives”.

Our Roofs Save Lives

Fixing roofs is how we serve our customers! Supporting Firemen is how we help our Allen community. When You Choose Firehouse Roofing, A Portion of Your Purchase Goes Towards Your Allen Area Firemen In An Effort to Provide Lifesaving Equipment.

Because at Firehouse Roofing, we believe that being the best doesn’t stop at roofing, it also means supporting your community.

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