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(Polyvinyl Chloride)

Looking for top quality PVC roofing installation and repair in Rockwall and Dallas, TX? Firehouse Roofing is the company to call! Our experienced roofing contractors are skilled in all kinds of membrane roof services, including PVC roofing. Call us at 972-737-1451 for PVC roof installation today!

Strong and durable, PVC roofing typically lasts about 20 years and is well loved for its reflective surface. Before TPO roofing was introduced, PVC was the primary energy efficient alternative to black EPDM roofs. The white, reflective surface is UV-resistant; rather than absorbing heat and damage like a dark roof, PVC reflects it. Even today it still offers excellent cool roof features, which can help reduce your energy use and keep your building cooler during those sweltering summers. PVC roofs typically cost more than other flat roofing membrane systems.

Firehouse Roofing

Thanks to their greater strength and energy efficiency, PVC roofs make an excellent option for commercial roofs in Rockwall and Dallas, TX. With several months of hot, sunny days, you are sure to see an improvement over your old asphalt or BUR roof. With skilled installation and quality materials from Carlisle SynTec, your roof will be ready for heavy storms, high winds, and all the other unpredictable weather that Texas can throw at it.

With Firehouse Roofing, you never have to worry about cut corners or questionable workmanship. Our roofers are fully committed to your safety and satisfaction. We know that a quality roof is an investment in your business, and we take that responsibility seriously. Whether we are repairing torn seams on your roof or installing a new system, we work carefully to ensure the integrity of your roof.

If you need PVC roofing in Rockwall and Dallas, TX, call Firehouse Roofing at 972-737-1451. We will make sure your roof is in top shape!